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ClinasystNG CTMS enables your staff to work more efficiently while increasing revenue for your organization!

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Learn How ClinasystNG can Help Your Site Increase Revenue and Productivity!

“The implementation of ClinasystNG resulted in a tangible up-tick in recaptured invoiceable revenues that far exceeds the cost of the product or time spent on the product.”

– Michael J. Koren, MD, FACC, FAPCR, CPI


Everything included at no additional price:

Patient Management

Build your clinical research patient database by quickly adding patient demographics and history, then design your search criteria to focus on the best patients using our trademarked ResearchReady™ scoring system.

Simple Scheduling

Quickly book research patient appointments, monitor visits, staff meetings and recruitment events.  View upcoming events on a shared dashboard with your team or your entire research organization.

Financial Tracking

Easily track earned and collected revenue and forecast projected revenue in company aggregate or by site, study and/or date range.  Using simple sorting features to choose specific AR items, create self-populating invoices within the system, and then post payments to those items when funds arrive.  Financial reports are easily navigable, sort easily and are largely downloadable.

Secure Document Storage

Upload any type of clinical trial document, from regulatory to study contracts, and customize permissions to appropriate staff.

Team Collaboration

Share tasks and create custom workflows to streamline your clinical and operational processes. Create teams to quickly communicate, schedule, and coordinate projects. – add assign tasks

Documentation and Training

Access our embedded knowledge base (educational center) and attend FREE interactive training seminars — available twice every week to all active users. – “knowledge base” is our term so I think it needs to be explained


Are you a research organization with multiple sites? We have a robust enterprise CTMS version for you!

Why is ClinasystNG the best choice for your research site?

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For twenty years, Clinasyst Desktop CTMS enabled research companies to manage site operations – from recruitment to collections. Now ClinasystNG has evolved into a flexible, web-based platform accessible from any computer or mobile device. ClinasystNG features powerful new recruitment tools and enhancements.

  • Ensure your site gets paid for ALL the work it performs.
  • Save staff time and site resources on a secure and protected cloud platform.
  • Take advantage of all these features at one low, monthly price. There are no expensive add-ons standing between you and the options your site needs to be even more successful!

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