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“Over the past 11 years we have used three different Clinical Trial Management Systems at our multi-disciplinary research center. Of those three, ClinaystNG has been by far the most user friendly and efficient system. In addition, the customer support has been tremendous. I can highly recommend this CTMS to any clinical research center or site.”

– Bill Arnold, Business Manager – Horizons Clinical Research Center, LLC

Site-Centric Design

Includes the most popular features you love in the Clinasyst desktop version – recruitment and productivity tracking.

User Experience

Clinasyst boasts new dashboards designed to enhance site operations and maximize user experience.


Clinasyst will remain the most economical choice for growing and established sites.

Data Access

Multi-user  access on a secure hosting platform, fully accessible to sites with unlimited bandwidth.

“Comparing Clinasyst with other systems that I have been exposed to, I find the program to be user friendly; easy to navigate, and also affordable. The financial module is great because it allows you to do a complete financial reconciliation of the study, starting from patient visits, and continuing with unscheduled visits and pass through expenses. The Clinasyst support system is also excellent, the staff is very knowledgeable and they are always available to help. I also like the 20 minute complimentary weekly trainings where you can constantly learn and ask questions at the end. I definitely recommend Clinasyst for any research clinical site.”

– Adriana Donadio, CFO – Metabolic Research Institute, Inc.

A trusted name in CTMS since 1995, Clinasyst announces its newest version!

ClinasystA web-based, full access version is on the horizon. Our new version includes the most popular features you love in the Clinasyst desktop version, and adds modern CTMS needs. You are invited to join us in the journey to further evolve our site-centric, affordable CTMS!

• Completely Web Savvy!

• Mobile Motivated!

• Mac Compatible!

• Wicked Fast!

• Cost Conscious for Cheap Sites!

For inquiries on the new version email: info@clinasyst.net